Complaint Process

To file a complaint against an Arizona SARA Council-approved institution, you must meet the following requirements:

  • File within two years of the incident about which the complaint is made.
  • Complete the institutional complaint process prior to submission with the Council.
  • The complaint must be a formal assertion in writing that the terms of SARA, or of laws, standards or regulations incorporated by SARA, are being violated by a person, institution, state, agency or other organization or entity operating under the terms of SARA.
  • You are a student of an Arizona SARA Council-approved institution.
  • You are not a student, but have a concern about any of the above.

To start the process, select the institution from the drop down list and fill out the form. All Arizona SARA approved schools are available in the list. Your information will be filed with the Arizona SARA Council. If your institution is not listed, the Arizona SARA Council does not have jurisdiction. Please refer to your institution’s complaint process.

About the Filing Process

The Arizona SARA Council has jurisdiction over Arizona SARA-approved institutions in relation to non-instructional complaints. Instructional complaints, such as grade grievances, are not reviewed by the Council and should not be submitted for review. Prior to registering a non-instructional complaint with the Arizona SARA Council, the student/complainant must complete the institution’s and other applicable regulatory body’s official complaint process.

Public Institutions

Community Colleges:

Institutional Complaint Process

Governing Board (if applicable)


Institutional Complaint Process

Arizona Board of Regents

Private Institutions

Institutional Complaint Process

Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education

Once a complaint is received by the Arizona SARA Council, the Council will determine jurisdiction of the complaint. If the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of the Arizona SARA Council, the Council will review the information provided and determine if further investigation and follow-up are necessary.

Complaint Form

Fields with * are required fields.  Check form for completeness before submitting.

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