Arizona SARA Council Fees

The AZ SARA Council fee is an annual fee and is based on an institution’s total full-time equivalent (FTE) student enrollment as shown in the most recent IPEDS 12-Month Enrollment Component Summary (as provided on pg. 3 of the application) and is assessed as follows:

  • $2,500.00/year for institutions with fewer than 10,000 FTE student enrollments
  • $6,000.00/year for institutions with 10,000-39,999 FTE student enrollments
  • $18,000.00/year for institutions with 40,000 or more FTE student enrollments

Institutions requiring a W-9 for payment can access the form here:


An invoice for payment to the Arizona SARA Council is auto-generated from within the online application portal at the time an institution submits its application. Fees may only be paid by check.  If you are attending the Council meeting in person, please bring your check with you to the meeting. If you are attending via conference call, please mail your check with tracking to the below address. Always make a PDF copy of your check and submit the copy with your application electronically under the Payment Verification task. 

Rio Salado College
Cashier's Office
c/o AZ SARA Council
Lanna Dueck, Executive Director
2323 W. 14th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Tracked Mail: Place tracking on mailed checks and retain for documentation. It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure mailed payments are received by the Rio Salado College Cashier's Office. 

Make checks payable to: Maricopa County Community College District - Rio Salado College c/o Arizona SARA Council. Please note that checks that are not properly made out may not be accepted for payment.

Late Submission Fees

Renewal Applicants: For institutions that do not submit a Renewal Application by the provided due date, a late fee of $100 per each day late until the application is submitted, will be billed to the institution (not to exceed the total amount of the renewal fee). This fee is separate from the renewal fee and will be billed separately. The institution's renewal application will not be processed until payment for both the renewal and late fees are received. 

Initial Applicants: There is no late fee for Initial Applicants. If an institution does not meet the provided due date for submission of an initial application, the application will move to the next review cycle.  

AZ SARA Council Bond OR Assignment of Account Requirement

 A requirement of the application is that non-public (private postsecondary) institutions post a bond or Assignment of Account:

  1. Based on the most recent IPEDs reported time frame, the bond/account will be in the amount of 10% of Gross ONLINE Annual Tuition Revenue for students in SARA states ONLY.  The minimum amount of the bond/account will be $50,000; the maximum amount is $500,000.
  2. The institution must use the prescribed below form as provided by the AZ-SARA Council;
  3. The Surety Company must have a BEST rating of A or higher;
  4. The bond/account must remain continuously in effect as an approved AZ-SARA institution.




This annual fee is separate from the AZ SARA fee and is completed directly with NC SARA after AZ SARA approval is finalized.  An invoice and payment instructions are provided at that time. Visit the NC-SARA site for more information on NC-SARA fees and payment details. 

The fee based on an institution’s total full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment as shown in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and is assessed as follows:

  • $2,000/year for institutions with fewer than 2,500 FTE students
  • $4,000/year for institutions between 2,500-9,999 FTE students
  • $6,000/year for institutions with 10,000 or more FTE students